Take Me Far Away


- A Young Adult Contemporary Novel -


All I want to do is forget, pretend it never happened, scream at the top of my lungs, cry.


Sixteen-year-old Jeanne Rowe used to love Life . . . until Life took a sharp turn and never straightened out. Haunted by memories she would rather forget, she tries to push forward, leaving the past where it belongs—in the past.


A few months after the life-altering incident, all seems well until an unforeseen figure re-enters her life. Then she discovers that those memories weren't ever locked up. They had only been waiting for the right moment to take her down.


In hopes of appearing stronger than she truly feels, Jeanne pushes away those who might see through her charade, including Ryan Locke—a classmate of hers who, for some reason, is determined to help her.

Will Jeanne be able to deal with her troubles? Or will those same troubles overshadow her life forever?

Note: Kemdi Ik now writes contemporary novels under the pen name, Maq Lancaster