Winged One Series


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Ellicia Wayfield doesn't believe in the supernatural world despite what she witnessed a year ago, especially now that she's dealing with a lot: the loss of a family member, her upcoming seventeenth birthday, settling down in a new town and being the new kid at her school. Besides, not everything has to be a supernatural mystery...


Unfortunately, while some things can be explained away, others just can't. They are what they are, just like this new reality Ellicia finds herself in. Then there's also that word, destiny, which can sometimes be a burden. Just ask Ellicia. Hers apparently doesn't come with a happy ending.


Welcome to her new normal.

The Becoming of Ellicia Wayfield
Book 1
The Awakening of Hellfire
Book 2
The Beckoning of The Nephilim
Book 3
Winged One: Complete Series Bundle
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