Hey there, and congrats on finding your way to my website. I go by Kemdi and you probably already know I'm an author. So far, I've written four novels, three of which are part of a contemporary fantasy series and the other of which is a contemporary standalone. Though all are geared towards young adults. The only things I love just as much as writing are video games (yes, I'm that girl), reading, and wasting my life on my Wacom tablet or on a canvas--for art is my one true love.


When not writing or occupied with university projects, I'm most likely scribbling down ideas for more books or on Netflix because procrastination is my best friend. Perhaps you've met her? She's pretty popular.


But that's enough about me. Feel free to navigate my website 'cause there are lots to find... like the, uh, the VIP list *wink* and a list of all the books I've ever published and those that I'm about to get out into the world. Or better yet, you can get in touch with me.

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